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Hello all! I’m another transfer mod from the server YayMc, and I thought making an introduction would be a good way to start off with getting to know you guys, and vice versa. I’ve been with the Yay community for quite a long time, and have staffed it ever since it started (with maybe one or two demotions and a few resignations). My boi @Fastened is the one that brought me into the team in the first place, so him and I have quite a bit of history together. I’m usually known for being a Forums Moderator within Yay’s community, but now we’re here, so it matters just a bit less now (just a tiny bit).

My favorite hobbies include art, binging Netflix, working out, and collecting knives. I’m currently 19 years old and am attending college for Computer Science, and possibly getting a degree for Graphic Design while I’m there.

This concludes my introduction about me, I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. And if you have any questions about anything, feel free to either respond to this thread or slide into the dms on the forums or discord (Maxxy#1010). Have a good day all!

- Maxxy


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I’ve got lots of interests but those are the mains ones I spend the most time on lol
Assuming getting stoned isn’t a hobby, sure. Lol you could be stoned, jacked, a crazy artist, and a knife wielder at the same time!