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  1. Paiinful

    My Signature

    +1 this if you want to be on my signature <3
  2. Paiinful

    Discussion: Ultra

    Leave your opinions, feedback and fixes that you recommend for Ultra. I am curious as to see if I should play Ultra again this season. - Paiinful <3
  3. Paiinful

    Paiinful, here. =)

    Hey y'all I'm Paiinful. ;) I have been playing OPCraft for 4 years. I have been staff twice, never moved past Helper because of family and school related issues. I have mostly played Ultra OP Factions with my time on OPCraft, but recently, Ultra hasn't been fun because of the lack of players...
  4. Paiinful

    Immortal Rank needs buffs.

    Immortal Rank is 200$+ (depending on where you are from). There are some perks and advantages it provides to you (crate key every 15 days, advert in skyblock, kit Immortal and Immortal+, an endermite pet and other little perks). Immortal needs more that make it worth the 200+$. @ItsJermey made...
  5. Paiinful

    Accepted SlipperyFire Hacking

    Defendant: SlipperyFire Reason: Reach/Crits 4:33am 2019/07/29