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Useful Money Making Guide for Lava for peasant ranks


The Server resets once every 1-2 months

So. When you start out on opcraft you get starter gear and no ingame cash
so what you want to do is do /mfm and mine for 2 hours this will make you atleast
125k ingame cash this means you have enough money to build a small farm.

When you start buying supplies for a farm buy sugarcane,dirt and water this is the cheapest start
when you have built your sugarcane farm after 3 days of grinding it out you should have atleast
5million this means you can either build a blaze grinder or a cactus farm your best bet is just building
a blaze grinder as building a cactus farm takes time or effort getting a donor rank to help you due to them
having /fly. Just to be warned Blazes are entities and entities = you can get raided quite fast as their spotted in f3.

Once you have a comfortable amount of money grace period would have ended this means you can now start raiding.
Raiding is a expensive activity as people usually spend alot of money on tnt and cannons it's easier if your with factions members
as they might be willing to contribute a bit of cash to help, raiding is almost like gambling their might be nothing in the base or
their might be some spawners but that's when f3 is useful because entities may be spotted raids are more common to find in the nether or end

Nether is popular for finding vaults and end is popular for finding faction bases be warned Doppler are the gods of end they will fuck you up if they find your base (take a note i have experience with lukas and reeeeeeeeee they ganked me).

Now you have done your first raid you should either have some mob spawners or ig's if you have ig's you have won the jackpot
place those suckers down in your base and afk them overnight you should wake up everyday or atleast be making a minimum 5million
every 12 hours which is alot of money.
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