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SKYBLOCK SEASON TWO — The Holiday Season!


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$1,825+ IS TOP PAYOUT!



This release couldn't be better, as we will be creating and fixing a lot of features (as you will find later in the post) to ensure that this season will be like no other. We will be fine tuning all of the current issues and bringing out some new and improved content, which will completely change the meta of how Skyblock is played.

The realm releases on Saturday the 21st December, at 5PM EST / 10PM GMT / 2PM PST!
Make sure to be on to get a head start over everyone else!

We hope to see you there!


❖ Money Sigil

This has been fairly requested within the community and we've responded. We will now be introducing a money sigil (end portal) which will allow you to deposit money into it and over time, will increase your island level. The more money you enter into the Money Sigil the more island you will gain! The increase is gradual, however, it rewards you with more island level the more money you put into it!

❖ Minions
Minions will now have a tier system, each of them increasing in productivity. Below is a list of the minions, and what they will have access to! Each minion's efficiency will also be upgradable!

❖ The Epic minion has access to the farmer and the hunter job.
❖ XP Price per upgrade is 100,000 levels, capping at +250% efficiency.

❖ The Epic minion has access to the farmer, hunter and miner job.
❖ XP Price per upgrade is 100,000 levels, capping at +500% efficiency.

❖ The Epic minion has access to the farmer, hunter and miner job.
❖ XP Price per upgrade is 75,000 levels, capping at +500% efficiency.

❖ The Epic minion has access to the farmer, hunter and miner job.
❖ XP Price per upgrade is 75,000 levels, capping at +750% efficiency.

❖ Economy Changes
The economy will be heavily altered to maintain a fair and less OP economy. More about this will be released closer to the time, as we will still have to make some alterations to it. More information will be released in the discord closer to the time, so make sure to join.

Join our Discord:

❖ Mob coins
The mob coin shop has now been revamped to give some awesome rewards, regarding some items which will be talked about later in the post! Furthermore, mob coins will now go straight into your balance (shown on the scoreboard) rather than filling up your inventory! This was another community requested feature that will benefit you all! Get grinding!

❖ Store Changes
We will be making a lot of changes to the store, which will be announced just before release! If you would like to see all of the updates live and purchase something in conjunction with the Christmas sale, feel free to click the link below!

Link to store: (Be sure to check out our all new store as well).

❖ IS Top Calculation Changes
This will be a very noticeable difference in how people will gain value form IS Top. From now, spawners will contribute very little to the amount of value your island has, and now it is all about iron, gold, lapis, redstone, diamond and emerald blocks. All of these will have set values, in conjunction with their rarity. This means that the spawner economy will drastically change, as stated in the "Economy Changes" section!

❖ Sigil Rework
Along with the new money sigil, we will be reworking the current sigil system, so that it will take a lot more grinding to level up the sigil so that it will be more rewarding. Along with this, there will be a few changes made to XP to make everything more balanced. More information on this will be listed below under "XP Updates".

❖ Dungeons
Dungeons, which were planned to be released during the last release as a content update, will be coming to this season of Skyblock! We plan to get this fully functional ready for release, where you will go through a map, killing enemies and progressing through the map, gaining better loot as you go! Screenshots below showcase the map in action!

❖ Job Updates
Specifically, the hunter job will be reworked and nerfed majorly so that it is fair to make money and not break the economy like last season. Alongside this, we will be fixing a lot of other bugs to do with the economy as stated above, so spawners will be more balanced!

❖ Crates
With this release, crates will be altered to revolve them around the current economy, so they will be fairer, however, will still give great rewards, no matter which tier crate you open.

❖ Quests
With this release, we plan to add quests that will be challenging for you, however, grant you with great rewards!

We have been hard at work perfecting this realm for you, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have while testing it! Hopefully, this is the next step in bringing a new level of content and fun to our community. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases this week and next! You guys will love what we have in store for next month!

Join our Discord:

Special thanks to everyone who helped in the testing stage of this realm, you know who you are! ❤
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Jesus fucking Christ, de best update ever, can’t wait till release
Oh yesssss, can not wait. A lot of work has been put into this by staff and some other lower staff. The result should be amazing. See you all there :)