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OPCraft 2.0 - Stage 5 | Factions Ultra: Season 4 | The Throwback Season


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We are pleased to announce that Factions Ultra will be releasing this Saturday, September 21st!

This season of Factions Ultra will be a "Throwback Map", featuring all of the old & loved content that was used in the first years of UltraOPFactions on OPCraft. We have brought back a map that is similar to an old map used in 2017, which all old members of our community should remember well!

We have had a multitude of amazing events during this season of Ultra, and we plan on continuing this tradition with a variety of new events, hosted by the Events Team at OPCraft. Here are some of the events that we have planned for the future on Ultra:

• Red Rover
• Last Man Standing
• Sumo Event
• Koth Event
• Faction VS Faction Events


This season, we have chosen to remove a number of features & re-introduce the old features that once made Ultra so enjoyable, we have removed:

• Combo System
• OP Tokens
• Printers
• Faction Upgrades
• Unarmed McMMO Skill
• Creative Mode in claims
• Outpost
• Private Signs

Faction Member Updated
The amount of people that are not allowed to be in a faction is now 20 once again, this is to introduce smaller group fights & a form of competitive fighting for the map duration.

Capped McMMO Swords & Axes at 750
To keep things in theme with how UltraOPFactions was back in 2015-2017, we have decided to keep the max McMMO Levels at 750, this should hopefully decrease one-tapping and make for a much better playing experience.

Buffed God Apples
God apples have been buffed with +1 regen from the normal vanilla regen, and have a 60 second regen time instead of the normal 30.

Re-introduction of Power Gear
This season, the max gear will be known as Power Gear, as it was in the old days of UltraOPFactions, the only way this gear will be obtained will be in the "Power Crate", purchasable on

Modified Crates
This season we have seriously buffed Crates in an effort to make it worth your while when purchasing keys. We have also brought back the Crates that you all knew and loved from 2015 - 2017 time, some include:

• Power Crate
• Exotic Crate
• Mystery Crate
• Legendary Crate
• Savage Crate
• Rare Crate

16 Hearts
We have upped the maximum hearts a player can have to 16 on Ultra, this is also in an effort to decrease the one-tapping issue.

Increased Rewards for Koth Events
We are going to be having the rewards for the Koth Cap Event the same as it was back in 2017, the events will be hosted weekly, however rewards in the Koth Crate will be significantly increased & make it worth your time to make an effort to win Koth!

5k World Border
We have decided to increase the world border this season to 5k, this is in an effort to make players spend time creating bases far out in the world, and make spawn PVP more common.

✤ Conclusion

We can't thank all of you enough for all your continuous effort and feedback to help make this release possible, we hope we've perfected this realm enough to be as enjoyable as it once was!

Here's to another OPCraft Stage!