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NEW Skyblock Fantasy Realm Release: Season 1 | Saturday 5th October


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Hello everyone!

We have an amazing release planned for all of you! We have been working day and night, perfecting new pieces of content and the overall economy of the realm. This release will include many new things, such as a brand new spawn, new player upgrades and a brand new feel to the realm!

Obviously, with all releases, there will be bugs that even some of our best testers could not find, if you happen to stumble across any of these bugs, please open a ticket at immediately, you can do this by typing -new in the #support channel.

We hope you enjoy this release and stay tuned in our discord for more information on upcoming releases!


General Realm Improvements
This season we have greatly increased our performance, not only will the realm stay at a consistent 20 TPS, but your spawners will spawn at an adequate rate, making sure you are earning the maximum amount from your grinders! However this season will not have as much content introduced as we usually try to, this is due to us spending the most amount of time improving the realm's quality and playability.

Minion Upgrades
One piece of content that we have introduced is Minion Upgrades, you can utilize this to improve your grinders & day to day activities on the realm. Some upgrades that are available for you all are as follows:

• Increased Hunter Job Range
• Exp and Money Bank Ability
• Increased Farmer Job Range
Increased Spawner Load Range

Spawner Upgrades
This season, you will be able to upgrade your spawners to drop better valuables to increase your wealth on the realm! All Spawners can be upgraded for a certain amount of your money.

Revamped Crates
We have been asking for opinions on how our crates system should work, and we have finally settled on a newly created loot table for our crates on Fantasy. There are six types of crates currently available:

• Fantasy Crate
• Dropper Crate
• Parkour Crate
• Champion Crate
• Prize Crate
• Koth Crate

Structure Wand
As you all have probably seen from our teaser announcements, we have introduced the Structure Wand. This Magic Tool is capable of creating massive grinders in seconds, however, it only has a one-time use, use it wisely!

Build Wand
Issues with the Build Wand last season have been completely fixed! You can now freely use this Magic Tool without any issues occurring! If you find any issues, please contact support immediately:

Buffed Ores
This season, we have greatly buffed the ores you can find in the Mining World, this is in an effort to help you get a better start on the realm and start earning money at a fast pace.

Improved Boosters
We understand that we have had issues with Sell & EXP Boosters this season, however, we have created a solution! This season, we have removed the buy price from all valuables that can be obtained from spawners, this is in an effort to make Boosters more used on the realm, and to prevent any possible dupes from occurring.

Punishments Reset
On the release of Skyblock Fantasy, all player's previous punishments will be cleared and given a second chance!


We have been hard at work perfecting this realm for you, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have while testing it! Hopefully, this is the next step into bringing a new level of content to our players. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming releases this week and next! You guys will love what we have in store for next month!

Special thank you to everyone who helped in the Testing Stage of this realm, you know who you are!